Another of life’s guilty pleasures

One of my favorite restaurants is a small local Mexican place called Casa Del Rio.  Its not easy to find a Mexican restuarant in London and The look of this place does not imply the deliciousness of the food. The restaurant is set back behind a gas station in a busted up parking lot just off the entrance to a highway. Walking up to and into the building, you will not be highly impressed with the cleanliness or upkeep. The floors are dirty and the traditional Mexican curtains covering the stucco walls are faded and dusty. Walking into the front door, you will need to dodge other customers as there are usually quite a few, and the entranceway is a narrow hallway that doubles as the checkout counter. You never need to wait long, though, because hostesses and servers are always available.
The host or hostess leads you to your table carving a path between tables. Once you are seated the menus full of traditional Mexican food are handed to you and the palate pleasing begins.
I love to start with a “cherry” coke. I order Coca-Cola with a generous splash of grenadine from the bar. My partner likes the salty Margaritas. I am pretty basic when I order. Tacos with pork or chicken are my favorite, but it’s the homemade refried beans and fresh herbs that give them their delicious flavor. My partner loves the fish tacos. She used to live in the US  where the Mexican food abounds, and she knows real Mexican when she tastes it. The server will bring hot and freshly fried, crisp tortilla chips along with a fresh made salsa to enjoy while we wait for our main course. I prefer a mild salsa, while my partner enjoys burning her mouth with the fiery type. We both love the cherry cokes to wash it down.
The servers are always friendly and accommodating. They refill your drinks promptly and don’t hesitate when asked for extra sour cream or guacamole.
Checking out is easy and friendly. Just take your receipt when you are ready to the front desk in narrow entranceway. Do your best to make room for the steady stream of new customers squeezing in behind you. The narrow galley kitchen is just behind the cash register bar open to view. The last time I was there the owner’s twelve year old son was helping carry food. The owner was friendly and conversational when we asked about his son. He explained that his son was working off a large cell phone bill that he had racked up recently.
I love the atmosphere and the food at Casa Del Rio. I can’t wait to go back.

My Favorite Place to Shop in The World

When it comes to finding a store that has all of the right products where I can go shopping and feel my happiest, it has to be a store that caters to pets and they have to have great products. I really can’t say that I have one particular store that is a favorite over another. Instead, I like to go to different pet stores that have an exceptional variety of products ranging from unique treats to toys that simply cannot be found in any other location.
There is undoubtedly a reason that it makes me so happy when I am shopping at a pet supply store. It is because I love my pets so much that the mere act of shopping for new treats and toys that I can bring home to them makes me happy. Even thinking about it makes me happy. You would think that I was shopping for items for myself. I could not be any happier if I were bringing home all kinds of things that I could personally enjoy. I think I enjoy it even more when I am buying these items for my pets. In truth, I do get to enjoy them because I then get to see how happy the dogs are when I bring these treats home.
I like to shop and I always have enjoyed it. In truth, I find shopping to be almost like some form of therapy. It makes me feel better when I’m sad or frustrated and I simply feel more relaxed when I’m there. I think it is truly a combination of finding a great location that has a lot of fantastic products and the opportunity to purchase something for someone that I love. My pets are part of the family and I automatically have a good feeling when I shop at my favorite pet supply store. As a result, I have a tendency to frequent the best pet stores near my home on a regular basis.